• How to charge solar mobile power

    How to charge solar mobile power

    Solar power banks generally have two charging modes: The first is to use sunlight and solar energy to convert electrical energy for charging. The second is to use a conventional power data cable to connect and charge. The charging principle of solar mobile power is to convert the energy of sunlig...
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  • Tips to extend the life of lithium-ion batteries

    Artificial Lithium Batteries-Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere today, from mobile phones and laptops to cordless power tools and electric cars. Although they are the most widely used technologies in mobile energy storage, there is still a lot of confusion among users about the best way to exte...
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  • How can boyeenergy batteries be used to replace lead-acid?

    Most energy storage systems (such as UPS and solar energy storage systems) use lead-acid batteries, but more and more people are starting to use lithium iron phosphate batteries (Boyeenergy). How does Boyeenergy replace lead-acid batteries? Boyeenergy batteries are always compatible with lead-ac...
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  • 8 Advantages of Boye Battery

    The positive electrode of lithium-ion batteries is lithium iron phosphate material, which has great advantages in safety performance and cycle life. These are one of the most important technical indicators of power battery. Boye battery with 1C charging and discharging cycle life can be achieved ...
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  • Basic principles and basic terms of batteries

    1. What is a battery? Batteries are a kind of energy conversion and storage devices that convert chemical or physical energy into electrical energy through reactions. According to the different energy conversion of the battery, the battery can be divided into a chemical battery and a physical bat...
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  • How to ensure the safety and life of lithium batteries

    Regarding lithium-ion batteries, it is very likely that they will encounter different application natural environments during the entire application process, and some application scenarios are likely to cause great challenges to lithium-ion batteries. Everyone expects that lithium-ion batteries c...
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  • What are the advantages of polymer lithium ion batteries

    1. The working standard voltage of a single rechargeable battery is far higher than the working standard voltage of a nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery and a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery. The density of capacitors is large, and the relative density of capacitors is twice or a lot higher...
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  • Which is better, polymer lithium battery or lithium battery?

    Lithium battery refers to lithium ion secondary rechargeable battery. From the appearance, there are three types: cylindrical steel shell, square aluminum shell and soft case. The soft case is the polymer in the title. It can be seen that the polymer is actually polymer lithium. The battery is a ...
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  • Research finds that fluorine can replace the source of lithium in rechargeable batteries

    Relatively lighter light ions may be able to replace lithium without changing the cycle life of the battery.With the increasing use of rechargeable batteries to power modern technologies (especially electric vehicles), researchers have been looking for alternative materials for lithium ions in re...
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  • Lithium battery manufacturers explain what are the characteristics of mobile phone lithium batteries?

    Nowadays, the coverage rate on mobile phones is getting higher and higher, charging the battery of mobile phones is a daily course for everyone. But, do you know the characteristics of the battery in your mobile phone, and how to properly use, store, and charge the battery? To understand, some un...
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  • Why does the polymer lithium battery swell? Will it explode if it continues to be used?

    I think you may have seen or heard about the explosion of lithium batteries, or even the explosion of casualties caused by the expansion of polymer lithium battery packs. Why does polymer lithium battery expand? It turns out that the internal diaphragm is damaged, and the gas is generated inside ...
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  • Why do more and more solar street lights use lithium batteries?

    With the in-depth development of the new socialist countryside and the construction of beautiful villages, solar street lights have been seen everywhere as the preferred lighting equipment. Solar street lights are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also do not generate elect...
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